SSA Express Logo Concept

The Office of Communication (OCOMM) was tasked with the creation of a new logo for the upcoming Social Security Administration (SSA) Express service kiosks. A number of previous concepts had been rejected at the Deputy Commissioner (DC) level. A quick call to action was put out for all available designers to submit concepts to OCOMM for review to help their design team find further inspiration.

This logo was supposed to be eye catching, dynamic, and if possible, to show forward movement. Several weeks later, I was notified my concept had been selected and they were going to rework it to suit their needs.

As to the final logo, I think it looks great. I like how they have used a bold oblique for Express, went one step bolder with Social Security, and utilized speed lines underneath.

  • Role: Design
  • Client: Social Security Administration
  • Agency: Yorktel
  • Year: 2014

SSA Express Concept 1
SSA Express Concept 1 (Chosen)
SSA Express Final Design
SSA Express Final Design