Wrenchr is a personal pet project. Fixing up old 80s BMWs is one of my main hobbies, but I have always had an issue accurately tracking maintenance. Wrenchr is designed to solve that issue. A friend and I are currently developing this app for Android.

In order to create the design, I followed a user center design (UCD) approach consisting of a discovery, research, and design phases. During the discovery phase, I conducted a competitive analysis of the existing market, needs analysis interview to help define application features and requirement, and surveys to validate the application name. The research and design phases leveraged a lean iterative process user testing prototypes of varying levels of fidelity. In the final prototype I skinned the app with Google's Material Design language.

I made a clickable Invision Prototype for user testing and a presentation on my user research and design process!

  • Role: Concept & Creation
  • Client: Personal
  • Agency: PHK.Design
  • Year: 2016

wrenchr home screen
Wrenchr Home Screen
wrenchr new vehicle screen
Wrenchr New Vehicle Screen
wrenchr vehicle home screen
Wrenchr Vehicle Home Screen
wrenchr store list screen
Wrenchr Store List Screen
wrenchr new maintenance screen
Wrenchr New Maintenance Screen
wrenchr notification screen
Wrenchr Notification Screen
wrenchr notification setting screen
Wrenchr Notification Setting Screen